• Lightweight - No agents/daemons installed on servers being monitored.
  • Not cause another process to become the deadlock victim.
  • Avoid being locked by other processes.
  • Not be run against databases in states that are not accessible.  Such as being offline or in a recovery state.
  • Dynamically capture the addition and/or removal of databases.
  • Dynamically load instance information.
  • Provide users a means to define and control the monitoring to fit their needs
    • Users to define, create, add, and remove their own metrics to monitor and alert on.   
    • Users to define the schedules for the metric gathering.
    • Define groups of instances to pull metrics from.
    • Metrics can be run against a specified database list such as one database, user databases, system databases, etc.
    • Define databases that should be excluded from monitoring either by name or by a pattern in the name.
    • Create, add, modify, and delete alerting groups.
    • Allow for the addition of user defined properties for databases and instances
  • Provide canned metrics an addition to the user defined metrics.
  • Provide reports and/or a means to create reports.
  • Allow for access to the collected raw data.
  • Offer a way to share scripts amongst a SQL Gumbo community.