Quick start guide:
  1) Create a connection category to place connections into.
     a) Open up the Connection Manager from the main menu click Connections->Manage. Then
        in the Connection Manger click New->Category.  Type in a category name, then hit the
        Save button.  You should now see your new category.
        You have the option of entering a decription that can be seen when
        the mouse hovers over.
  2) Create a connection
     a) In the Connection Manager click New->Connection
     b) Enter the name you want to give this connection.  Could be a
        server name, application name, etc.
     c) The connection type is not enabled and can be ignored. It is for future use.
     d) Select a category.  This will be the category just created in step #1.
     e) Name of the server\instance or ip address to connect to.
     f) Pick a default database to log into. This is optional.  If no database
        is selected, the default database for the SQL Server login will be
     g) Give an optional description that will be displayed when the mouse hovers
     h) Click the Validate button to verify this is a valid connection.
     i) Click the Save button to keep the changes.  If the Save button is
        not enabled then the connection was not validated.
     j) double click the new connection to set it for use.  The Connection
        Manager will close after being selected.
  3) Create a personal category for yourself.
     a) On the main menu click Categories->New and the Category editor dialog will
        pop up.
     b) Leave the 'Is Public' check box unchecked.
     c) Enter a name for the category.  Such as 'Maintenance', 'MyApp', etc.
     d) Select the category type.  Go ahead and pick SQL Server. 
     e) Give an optional description that will be displayed when the mouse hovers
     f) Click the Save button and the category will be under your name in the tree
        on the left side of the applciation.

Script Store Pre-Beta Overview by sqlgumbo

  4) Create a script
     a) On the main menu click Script->New.  You should see the 'Edit' flag
        above the editor turn green.
     b) In the text editor type 'SELECT @@SERVERNAME' (or type in any query
        you prefer).
     c) Click the 'Details' button/tab just above the editor and you should now
        see the properties of the script that can be edited.
     d) Enter a name for the script such as 'Get Server'
     e) Select what type of script this is for.  Go ahead and select SQL Server so
        the script can be placed in the category created in step #3.
     f) Select the category from step 3.
     g) Check the 'Runnable' box.
     h) If desired enter a description.
     i) On the main menu click Script->Save.

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