• Integrated Security.  Currently the application relies solely on integrated security.  All access to the database repository will be through your log in account.
  • Windows client.  This is a Windows Form application.  Has only been tested on Windows 10.   
  • SQL Server database needs to be created for the repository.  This has been tested on SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016.  Do not foresee any issues using SQL 2008 and SQL 2012.
Installation process overview:
  • Create an empty SQL Server database and call it ScriptStore.
  • Run the installer from the download web page.
  • Start the application.
  • Configure the central repository database.
To install using the ClickOnce installer from the SQL Gumbo download page:
Preliminary - Create an empty SQL Server database named ScriptStore.
Step #1 - Click the Install button on the download page.
Step # 2 - Click Install on the Application Install - Security Warning dialog.
Step #3 - The following Install Script Store dialog box will appear.  Wait for it to complete.
Step #4 - An Installation succeeded dialog should appear after a successful installation.  Click the OK button.
Step #5 - Start the application.  Click on the ScriptStore icon to start the configuration of the application. 
 Step #6 - A warning may appear (that will eventually be eliminated).  If it does, click on More Info.
Step #7 - If the warning appears and after expanding More Info, click Run anyway.
Step #7 - Read the Eula and check I accept the terms and conditions as stated above, if applicable.
Step #8 - Configure the connection to the central repository database.  Enter the name of the SQL Server instance with the newly created empty ScriptStore database into the Database server name (Instance) textbox. 
Step #9 - Click the Validate button to verify connectivity. 
Step #10 - Once connectivity is validated a dialog will appear letting you know the database has not been configured and is still empty.  To configure the database as the central repository, click Yes.   This will begin creating and populating database objects.   In a shared repository environment this step will only occur once.
Step #11 - After the database is configured, click OK.

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