• Easy to learn.
  • Quick access to scripts.  Use the arrow keys or the mouse to view content.
  • Helps organize your scripts into a categorized centralized database repository.
  • Choose which scripts to share with others.
  • Keeps track of changes to the scripts and the properties assigned to them.
  • Execute scripts against other databases.
  • 10 optional shortcut keys can be assigned a script to run.
  • Scripts can be set to read only to prevent any further changes.
  • Scripts can be saved to a file or into the Store
  • Load scripts into the Store from a file, creating them, or copying it into the editor.
  • Ability to clone/copy the script to create a duplicate  to work with.
  • Edit and change scripts from within the application.
  • Provide meaningful descriptions for your scripts that can be viewed on mouse over events.
  • Manage your own categories for the scripts and connections.




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