Not every product is perfect or has everything.  Want to be honest here and temper potential expectations.   If user feedback is positive during the beta testing then more features and capabilities will be introduced.  For now, this is what Script Store is not.....


  • A full software versioning tool -Think of git and the other products out there.  This was not created as a change management or versioning application.  It does have the capabilities of saving different versions of your scripts and text documents.
  • A robust SQL script editor -Think Toad and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).  This does have some editing ability and it isn't much more than your a basic text editor.  No intellisense or error checking.   Some effort was put into getting the keyword parsing and highlighting in.  Keep in mind too that this may be for more than just SQL Server in the future.  A generic editor seems to be a good route to take for now.  Depending on feedback, there is an editor (yearly licensing fees) that may be used.  This editor is quite impressive.
  • A query execution tool - Script Store does allow for the running of queries and this ability will be enhanced over time.  When comparing this capability to SSMS you will find some shortcomings.   For example, the use of the batch separator 'GO' will produce an error.  Queries are run synchronously instead of asynchronously; meaning you will have to wait for the query completes before working with the application again.  Another shortcoming is that a query must return only one result set.
  • A database management tool - Was never intended to be used for managing databases like SSMS is capable.   Looking over tables, stored procedures, etc.  The entry point for this application is the script, not the database.  However, this tool was designed to help manage databases if you choose by having SQL scripts at your finger tips that can be executed.

Some other limitations include...

  • Exclusive use of integrated security - This is by design and should change in the future.  The connection to the Script Store repository database and the connections to other databases will be through integrated security.   No using usernames and passwords.


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