How do I report a bug and request for enhancements? For any type of feedback send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or respond to the comment sections.   A bug tracking site is up and available and it's use will depend on the number of people beta testing.  If there is only a small number of testers then I think it should stay personal.
What does Script Store cost?  At this time it is free for use and testing.  Not 100% sure what will happen in the future.  It is currently in beta.   Script Store is also going to be a part of the main application SQL Gumbo.  The two applications are designed to integrate.  They can also be considered separate products depending on the useage.   The beta release is in part being used to obtain user feedback.  And without the feedback many decisions will have to wait.
How to I get updates and new versions during beta testing?  New versions will be on the download page and will keep informational updates on the main Script Store page.   There will be some challenges with database schema changes.  A lot of thought went into locking the database schema down until a major release.   So there are some columns in there that are planned for use later on.    Will be happy to work closely with a 12 or less groups.  First ones to make contact will get a lot of attention.  
If I like the application, can I keep it?  Why not?  It is yours to work with and hope it is useful for you.  This may not be the case in future releases.
Can we make changes to the ScriptStore database with our own queries?  I wouldn't advise doing this and cannot make any guarantees about the application afterwards.  It is a simple schema with referential integrity that should prevent too much harm.  Be happy to work with you and what you are trying to accomplish.   Reading from the ScriptStore database should not be a problem, it is the changes that are of concern.  One feature of this application is that the script is stored in a database table so it can be moved to another table.  The reason this project was started.
Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?  The first thing that comes to mind is to get backups of the ScriptStore database.  After years of being a DBA, I think this is the most important.  Your work/scripts are in there.  Other than that I think offering feedback about the product so it can be improved.
Is Script Store going to be Cloud based?  Think about this all the time.  SQL Gumbo script sharing will be cloud based and am still working through the details on this.  Very little effort is needed to put the repository database in the cloud.  I could see security concerns being raised if those scripts in the cloud could be executed...especially if they were created by someone outside of the organization.  A lot of advantages with having this out there.  The application then should probably be made into a web app which leaves me with security concerns.  Another consideration is the ownership of the recoverability of the scripts in the event of a DR scenario along with funding.  Have been thinking about forcing a local database repository for the scripts and then offering the ability to share scripts via the cloud.  It will get there; needs to be thought through more.  It will be a part of SQL Gumbo.  On a side note, you can create the ScriptStore database in the cloud.
Are the scripts in a folder?  They are stored in a SQL Server database.  The application doesn't use folders.  To access your scripts once they are in the Store you will need to go through the application.
Is there a way to get my scripts out of the application and in files?  You can save each one to a file.  Could be time consuming depending on how many scripts were are talking about.  There are a couple of ways to do this at the moment.  However, a utility for this needs to be developed.  What if you do not want to use this product anymore  and have a lot of work in there?  
I was looking at some of the data in the Script Store database.  Is this just for SQL Server?  Yes and no.  Did that answer the question?  There are plans to use this with other RDBMS.  Mysql is planned for integration next.
My  'print' icon and menus are disabled.  The print feature has not been enabled yet.
Why are my export menus for the results disabled.   The functionality for this exists at the moment, but waiting for more testing to put it in.  Looking forward to being able to save results to a table...which will be one of my personally favorite features.   There are some great use cases for it.
Why can the script be made public when it is in one of my personal script categories?  Very good question.  Version 2 will take advantage of this setting more.  You will be able to share scripts with other users under your name and their names. Will also be a part of the search results in Version 2.  If by chance this becomes a cloud based utility with global users this will be useful too.
Why can a non-public script be in a public category?  Can other users see it?  Think of the 'public' category as another user and the scripts are being placed in the 'public' user's category.  This allows you to use the 'public' categories without having your scripts visible to anyone else if that is what you choose.
When I delete a script from the Store is the history permanently gone?  Yes it is.   This has been gone over a few times in the development process and the thought of putting a flag in to either delete history or not is in consideration.  This is one of the tougher decisions.  If the history is not deleted when a script/document is deleted then how is it referenced again?  Just questions.  For now, if a script is deleted then it's history is deleted too.  To get it back you will need to refer to database backups.
How can I remove a shortcut key setting to one of my queries?  This is functionality that is not in place at this time.  The plan at the moment is to integrate this with the user settings.  A lot of back and forth about how to do this has been going on.  If needed, you can overwrite a shortcut key and replace it with another script.
I have a lot of history on some of my scripts and would like to remove some of it.  Is this possible?    This is another capability that is planned on being added.   You can clone the script and create a new one, then delete the script with the history you want to remove.   A work around.
Once I pick a connection to use, can I select a different database to query against?   The quick answer for this is no.  Sorry.  This is under consideration.  You will have to specify the database in the query or create a connection with the default database to query against.   
Is it true that I can set a document of type text as 'Runnable'?   Yes, this is as designed.  The decision of whether or not something is runnable is up to you.
Is there a way to make one of my script categories 'public' after I create it as not being 'public'?  Unfortunately not.  Something to take under consideration.   The reason for this is to prevent flooding the 'public' categories and to allow for individual users to have the same category names as the public folder, but just under their user.
I've set a script to readonly and now I want to be able to change it.  Use the Alt+F10 shortcut and a dialog will pop-up that will change the read only status.  Read only is intended to be permanent...but what really is?   The Alt+F10 shortcut is one of many easter eggs in there.
Can anyone change or delete a shared public script in the public categories?  Yes.  The history of any changes will be tracked unless it is deleted.  If this is an issue for users it can be changed.
How can I share one of my scripts in my own private category?  Edit the properties of the script to move it to one of the public categories and check the 'public' box.  You could also copy or clone the script and create a new one, but then there are two copies that could end up being different over time.

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