Services Offered 
The majority of these services are for use with SQL Server.  Currently working on a MySQL certification.
The SQL training is generalized and can be used with many different database types.

  • Consulting - Need assistance with your database environment or maybe need to enhance your operations?  Worst time to prepare is when it is too late.  Do you know what you don't know?  
    • Database backups and recovery
    • Optimization/Performance
    • Database maintenance
    • Security audits
    • Employment screening 
    • Documentation
    • Monitoring
  • The Part Time DBA - Can only take a few clients and this all depends on availability, needs, and expectations.  Maybe you can't justify having a full time employee looking over your databases.  This also works well if you have a project that you need completed; anything from half a day to a few months.  

  • Training - New to writing SQL or just want to improve?  There is a lot of benefit having a real person there to help you along.  First, you will retain the information better and secondly you can ask questions while we move along at your pace.  Offering on-site training and currently in the process of developing a lecture.

    • On-site - This is were you get to have someone in your work environment working with you.  Perfect for one-on-one help.  Ever wished you had someone with a little more experience helping along?  This is a perfect fit.  We'll work together until you are were you want to be.

    • Lecture You'll be a guinea pig going through this.  Have only delivered one lecture to date and am still working on the slides.  Offering this more for practice and will be asking for suggestions on how to make it better.

  • Software and Application development Very limited in scope at this time.  Have the ability to create some Windows applications.  If you have a great idea, we can partner together and look at selling it.   Will be working on creating web applications in the future.


"we enjoyed it - everyone is singing your praises this morning."   
... Modis - IT Engineering and Staffing  October 2017